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EP01 – Why CONNECTION is vital to a healthy relationship

EP02 – What is EMOTIONAL INTIMACY and why is it the foundation of healthy relationships?

EP03 – A relationship is not the two people, IT’S THE SPACE BETWEEN!

EP04 – Why making ASSUMPTIONS can get us into relationship trouble!

EP05 – How unspoken ‘Microscopic Truths’ can damage your relationship, and what to do about them!

EP06 – Why FOREPLAY Starts at Breakfast

EP07 – TRIGGERS and how to work with them

EP08 – The Self-Esteem Triangle and how it affects our relationships

EP09 – The ART of Listening!

EP10 – The Emotional Bank Account

EP11 – What Are ‘Emotional Bids’?

EP12 – Managing Inevitable Conflict

EP13 – The Power Of Influence

EP14 – Perpetual Problems