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These couples attended one of our weekend couple’s workshops, where we shared world-class communications tools, models and exercises to vastly improve their relationships.

Emie & Warwick wanted to improve communication in their relationship. They run a business together and it was getting in the way of their ’emotional intimacy’.

Emie & Warwick

Yulia and Yury wanted to understand how to stop their business and working together, from taking over their relationship and ‘couple’ time.

Yulia & Yury

Maddy & Eric wanted to deepen their connection, so attended a Retune Couple’s Weekend Workshop, to learn the best relationship communication strategies and to ensure their ’emotional intimacy’ is maintained into the future.

Maddy & Eric

Jenny & Gary run a business together and wanted to understand how to improve the quality of their relationship, before becoming parents. (They’re now proud parents of a bouncing baby girl!)

Jenny & Gary

Kate & Ben were struggling with miscommunication and not prioritising time for their relationship. Being in business together and having young children, they were losing site of each other and not prioritising their relationship.

Kate & Ben

Caroline & Roland were wanting help to prevent the business they have together, from consuming their lives. In the Retune weekend workshop they learned new and effective communication skills to help them improve their connection.

Caroline & Roland

Client Recommendations

Here’s what some of our happy clients are saying …

Amanda and John are a dynamic duo when it comes to helping with relationships and understanding your significant other. The understanding I have of why things are happening in my relationship and how to make lasting change has truly helped. John and Amanda have truly raised the bar for what I believe is possible in couple coaching. Highly recommended!
Ange A.
Amanda and John are great to work with and have deep knowledge about relationships and how to help. They really contributed positively with us to work through some difficult issues we were facing. We highly recommend them to anyone seeking advice on relationships and they have lots of suggestions and knowledge about all sorts of ways to improve.
Dan M.
John and Amanda teach through experience and years of learning and further training. They have a natural easy flow with one another and made my husband and I feel safe and trusting through the course, which allowed us to be open and be vulnerable with one another. The learnings remain with us to call upon whenever we feel we’re off track again.
Emie P.
Amanda & John exceeded all expectations! Having them share their knowledge and support with us, in building greater connection in our relationship, was a true gift to receive. The Retune event was a beautiful opportunity for my partner and I to build upon the foundations of our relationship, and truly create the vision of our future together as a couple. It was a wonderful experience and we will certainly be…
Madelyn S.
I’ve known Amanda & John for some time and recently my fiancé and I decided to work with them to gain more skills in communication, managing triggers and better understanding each other. The heartfelt wisdom that was shared was incredible! Absolutely no judgment, no ego and no agenda, just a pure desire to support us as a couple, was a refreshing and amazing experience. I’d recommend them to anyone looking…
Sean S.
My wife and I went to Retune with John and Amanda after realising that our marriage wasn’t doing so well. After just one weekend with these guys, we understood the constant loops we were in, were able to analyse our own issues, able to communicate in a more empathetic and constructive way, and we ended up leaving hopeful, positive and reassured that a successful relationship is a work in progress.…
Toby N.

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