Understanding Emotional Intimacy

in Men and Women


Do you think emotional intimacy is different for men and women? It’s a common belief that men are less emotionally available than women, but the reality is far more nuanced. Men are often conditioned from a young age to suppress their emotions, leading to a widespread misconception that they lack emotional depth.

The Impact of Societal Conditioning

Growing up in an environment where vulnerability is discouraged, many men learn to disconnect from their feelings. This societal conditioning creates a façade of emotional detachment. It’s not that men are devoid of emotions; they have simply been trained to hide them. When we expect men to open up on demand, we’re asking them to challenge years of ingrained behaviour.

Craving Genuine Connection

Despite this conditioning, many men in long-term relationships yearn for emotional connection. They desire intimacy beyond the physical, seeking genuine emotional bonds. Recognising and addressing this need is crucial for fostering deeper, more fulfilling relationships.

Creating Safe Spaces for Expression

Helping men reconnect with their emotions requires creating a Safe Space. Share your own emotions openly, modelling the behaviour you wish to see. Be patient and give him time to process. Understand that the journey from his head to his heart may be longer, but with compassion and support, he can bridge that gap.

Addressing Mental Health Stigmas

We also need to address the stigma surrounding men’s mental health. Statistics show a significant disparity between men and women seeking support, with 54.7% of women versus 37% of men reaching out for help. This gap highlights the barriers men face in accessing the support they need.


Let’s become better allies to the men in our lives. Encourage them to seek healing, express their emotions freely, and dismantle the stigma surrounding their emotional health. By championing this cause, we can create a more supportive environment for everyone. To all the men out there, give yourself permission to be whole and express your emotions with all your heart. Your vulnerability is a strength, and together, we can build a world where everyone feels safe to be their true selves.


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